Dinner Decisions

When you don’t know what you want to eat it can become stressful. Even more stressful if you have to decide for four people. 😤  Well… everybody likes cereal right? Advertisements

Café Du Monde more like Café My Kitchen

Well, I didn’t exactly experience the historic Café DU Monde, but I did have a beignet. I went to the extremely jazz centered Café Beignet that was still very good. I’m was not up in arms about where we went so my mom, and I ended up there. Now I know that natives of NO…

Understanding Netflix

I don’t understand them and don’t try to either. Netflix and I have a love hate relationship. This is because many of my favorite shows keep getting removed. I wish they could stay forever. Now I only have four seasons of a show that has like twelve and no movies I used to watch all…

Summer Shows

Summer time is the best time to start binge watching shows you thought you were never going to watch. I personally have fallen victim to binging a couple of series this summer, most of these being super hero based. I enjoy watching series that have been on for a while because it gives you a…

A break was needed.

I needed a break. You can’t blame someone for being mentally stressed out. And physically for account of all the work I’ve been doing. So yeah. But we are still besties right?  I though so. 

Oops, I did it again.

My blogging routine is one of the many things I  try to keep consistent, but sometimes I mess up. And yeah, it happens.

Early Church Service

This is the service for people who don’t want to be in church all day. It’s wonderful option, but somehow you have to wake up earlier. A non-morning person like me, well this has been proven diffcult. But we are doing this for Jesus. 💯

I was doing good.

I was blogging everyday and then boom! I forget one day. Hey! I’m only human. 

Waffle House!

24 hour breakfast, for those who like waffles all day everyday!

Man I’m slipping. 

I let my fiction blog fall backwards. I sometimes forget I have it. I am going to post more on it. 💯

I woke up before my alarm.

This wouldn’t be a problem, but I feel I woke up too early. I woke up an hour early. I mean really me? Guess I’ll do something then.